John D. Schulte
Direct Mail Marketing Consultant and Mail Order Expert
International in Scope | Over 30 years experience
Certified by a United States Federal Court as a Direct Marketing and Catalog Expert
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John Schulte can help you build your business:

  • Direct Mail, Advertising and Marketing Strategy
  • Wholesale Product Marketing and Sales Development for Manufacturers
  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Marketing for Specialty Retailers
  • Promotions and Publicity
  • Ad Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • New Business Concepts and Start-up

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Some ideas of how I can help you:

...Package your company/product/operation into a business opportunity

...Devils Advocate - I will give you a straight and non-biased professional opinion on your advertising, marketing strategy or new business/product concept.

...Sell your product direct to the end user or to catalogs and other direct marketers

...Add a mail order division or add direct marketing to your advertising mix

...Participate in your next brainstorm session or strategic meeting

...Come up with a new concept for an attention-getting direct mail piece

...Develop a promotional incentive or event

...Devise an entire advertising and marketing strategy for your company

...Help you set up a business in the USA

...Create a new niche product or business concept
...Train employees to be good marketing people

Over the last 30+ years I've done a lot when it comes to advertising, marketing and publicity. From jumpstarting new businesses to devising new ways to grow an stagnant operation. In a nutshell...I'm great at devising ways to "sell more stuff." 

It's amazing what you learn over this long of a period, and what tools you learn how to use. But my true blessing has been an incredible imagination, an imagination that can take what I've learned over all these years and mold, shape, and apply it to your particular business.

Over the years people have known me in different ways.

Some known me as a "Marketing Mechanic" that gives expert advertising and marketing "tune ups" that result in more sales per dollar invested..
Some know me as a "Marketing Shamus," that is great at investigating and evaluating what a company is currently doing and finding opportunities that are being missed.

To other consultants, experts, and business advisors I've been known as a "Marketing Guru," someone that brainstorms with them to ignite new ideas for solutions to problems that they are having a hard time with.

Some people know me as a business start up "Coach," helping to develop marketing skills and know-how and that reduces expensive lessons from common mistakes. A confidence booster!

No matter what moniker I might be known as, the important thing is that I can help you with your business building efforts...and help you sell more of whatever it is you sell.

Affordable rates; even for smaller companies and new business launchings.

John Schulte


  • Personal Coaching/Consultation or Employee Training: available by the hour

  • Personal appearances and speaking: negotiable rates

  • Market research and/or creation of advertising/marketing plans: by your budget

  • Team brainstorming: available by the hour

What others have to say.

Thanks John for the feedback and the direct mail evaluation work you have done for us. I think you have added a great deal of value and given us a number of things to consider,"

Best Regards,

Craig A.



"I want to thank you for excellent business advice you gave me--once again. Others I've consulted haven't really 'gotten' what I'm trying to do. Not only did you understand my mail order idea, you helped me see and think through possibilities I hadn't known were there! Its gratifying to know I have somebody with your expertise and creative imagination in my corner."




"John has been a valuable business coach for my pet-based start up. He has helped me think through the many possibilities for store design and build-out. He has provided expert guidance in marketing. As an aspiring small business owner---John's suggestions and encouragement have been very helpful. I would highly recommend John as a business start-up coach or for helping to develop an advertising and marketing plan."

Anne Gilbertson-Seeling,

"I've looked to John Schulte as a trusted advisor for many years. Need new ideas and better ways to sell? Ask John. He understands direct mail, SEO, PPC and better ways to market online storefronts.

A solid direct marketer. Lots of insights. Full of new ideas. Very knowledgeable about direct mail, retail and online marketing."

Jerry Mamola

"John has been a fantastic partner to work with over the years. His expertise and resources have been extremely beneficial to our company, providing us with useful advice, connections and ultimately significant new business."

Jessica Lampron, Business Development Coordinator,

"I have worked with John now for over 15 years and got to know him as an expert in direct marketing and remote selling in the USA. John finds creative and, yet extremely practible solutions to help his member companies thereby offering these companies the best possible environment to grow. John is also one of the best contacts for mail order and dm companies wishing to access the US market."

Aad Weening, Member of the IMR World Team, IMR World

"I have known John Schulte for many years and I have had the pleasure of working with him on various projects. He is an excellent professional. His integrity and competence are top-notch. Everyone should consider his organization, the National Mail Order Assn. (NMOA) to be a phenomenal resource...especially in today's crazy economy. It is a tremendous honor for me to call him a friend, an associate and a great entrepreneur. Join the NMOA and find out!"

Paul Mladjenovic, CEO & Owner, Prosperity Network

"John brought me on fresh out of college when I was exploring the world of marketing. As his intern, he taught me the ropes of general marketing principles and also the specifics of internet marketing and effective writing.

The writing is what really stuck and today I am a journalist.

John is friendly, patient, direct, and knowledgeable. He's a good man to work with."

Brandon Ferdig


Dear John,

Your Sales and Marketing Expo was, without reservation, the best expo at which I've ever exhibited—and I exhibit at a minimum of one a month—and have done so for 3 years.

It was very well planned, organized, and a productive networking and prospecting event. The part I liked the best was that, although there were four of us manning the booth, we were busy visiting with potential customers all the time. The company management crowd you drew was magnificent. So often at trade shows, we find that decision makers coming by our booth are few and far between.

Please feel free to give my name and number, 1-800-992-1377, out to anyone who wants to visit with a reference about the benefits of exhibiting as I'll be happy to share my positive, bottom line experiences with them.


Mary Pekas, President
Telemarketing Institute, Inc.
312 West Lake Drive
Lake Norden, SD 57248


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