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National Mail Order Association
 Manufacturer Sales Rep Service 

Do you have a great product that you want sold in catalogs, on TV, through web stores
or other independent specialty retailers? 

If so—let us know about it.

The NMOA might be able to help  get your products placed in catalogs and/or on store shelves through our cooperative manufacturers rep program.

We say 'might' because we don't take on all products. Each product must first complete and submit a product review form found below.

However, if we do decide to work with your product as a commission paid rep, we want you to know that using our exclusive strategic partner network, we have been successful in getting products tested and placed in these fine catalogs and others:

  • Casual Living
  • Walter Drake
  • Starcrest
  • Miles Kimball
  • Whatever Works
  • Solutions
  • Amerimark
  • Potpourri
  • What on Earth
  • Taylor Gifts
  • Paradigm Gifts
  • Healthy Living
  • LTD Commodities
  • QVC

In addition, we have unique strategic alliances for getting products placed in large/chain retail stores. (At this time your product should be hardware/tool, pet, or lawn and garden oriented for Big Box retail placement.)

For large/chain retail placement we are approved vendors with the following distributors that supply products to large/chain retail stores.

- Orgill Largest Hardware Distributor in the US selling to independent hardware stores, manufacturing facilities, coops, farm stores, institutions, international accounts, etc.

- Blish-Mize Hardware Distributor out of KS selling to independent hardware store, manufacturing facilities, coops, farm stores, institutions, international accounts, etc.

- HDW Inc -- Hardware Distributor out of MS selling to independent hardware store, manufacturing facilities, coops, farm stores, institutions, international accounts, etc.

- House-Hasson -- Hardware Distributor out of KS selling to independent hardware store, manufacturing facilities, coops, farm stores, institutions, international accounts, etc.

- H.B. Davis Seed Co., Inc Lawn and Garden product distributor out of NY selling to coops, farms stores, lawn and garden accounts, etc.

- Distribution America Buying Consortium made up of 9 hardware distributors that do over a billion dollars in sales a year throughout the US. We are still working on getting into some of their members but are into Blish-Mize, House Hasson, HDW Inc. so far.

- Colladay Hardware Small Hardware Distributor in KS that sells to independent hardware stores, coops, city and county governments, farm stores, etc.

- Pro Group Buying consortium that is more ag and lawn and garden related. Have stores located throughout the US.

With the NMOA you have the option to request rep service for just the: catalog, TV, web, and specialty independent retailer market, or for both catalog/TV/web and large/chain retail.

The NMOA product rep service has been created as a true working partnership with you— the product supplier; a partnership that could put your product on the map.

We offer two options of participation:

1.) A co-op rep program where you pay a reduced sales commission of just 10%, but help out with marketing expenses. The amount of co-op funds required will be determined as we evaluate your product review form, and if you are requesting catalog/TV/web alone or also with the large/chain retail option.

2.) Standard rep program where you pay a straight 15% sales commission. (NOTE: We only accept exclusive rep agreements for this option.)

Most people understand that there are considerable upfront costs involved in marketing a product to resellers, not only hard costs, but also time/labor costs.

All these marketing costs have to be made up in sales commissions. That's why product rep firms are very picky about what products they will work with right up front, and then charge somewhere around 15%-20% in commissions for sales made, depending on the product and its wholesale price.

Sometimes a rep will see that a product might sell, but the wholesale price of the product is so low, that it will take forever to earn enough commissions to recoup the investment in marketing the product. So these products are likely turned down.

Other times the potential market size for a niche product is perceived as too small, limiting the total number of potential products sold. Again, this makes it difficult for the rep to visualize getting their marketing investment back and making a profit. So these products many times are turned down too.

This is where the NMOA co-op rep program fits in. It helps to reduce commissions and product rejections by sharing some of the upfront marketing costs with the manufacturer and forming a truly cooperative "team" marketing effort.

This way, a cooperative effort can be coordinated to the benefit of all, and more products can qualify to be represented, products that may not otherwise have been able to get representation.

This does not mean that we can, or will, accept just any product into our program; your product still needs to meet with our opinion of perceived salability and value for the price. We will not risk our relationship or credibility with buyers by showing them products that we don't truly feel match the marketplace and offer a good reseller opportunity.

1.) How the co-op rep program works

To qualify for this program you will need to:

  • Pass a product review process to determine if your product is a good candidate for this program.
  • You must have all your pricing figured out and product details assembled.
  • Have professional quality pictures of your product in electronic format, with at least one picture showing the product in use. If you do not have good pictures, contact us about having them done for you. (See below.)
  • Have a pamphlet or brochure (sell sheet) for your product. If you do not have one, or if you do not have a satisfactory one, NMOA can create one for you. (See below)
  • The product must be in production with sufficient inventory for supplying the merchants you seek to secure.

2.) How the standard rep program works

For all practical purposes, this program is identical to the co-op program, but you do not pay the co-op marketing fee, but rather pay a full 15% commission on all orders and you must sign an exclusive rep agreement for the product. FYI, this means we are the only official rep that can present your product to merchants on a wholesale basis.

Steps you take to start today:

  1. a: For the catalog/TV/web program, fill out this product evaluation form (PDF), (MS Word) print it and mail it along with your product brochure and any other information you have regarding your product.

    b: For the catalog/TV/web and Large/Chain Retailer combined program, fill out this DM and Retail product evaluation form (PDF), (MS Word) print it and mail it along with your product brochure and any other information you have regarding your product.

    Send everything via email to or mail everything to:
       NMOA Product Marketing
       2807 Polk Street NE
       Minneapolis, MN 55418

    If you have a sample that can be sent now, please send it as well. (NOTE: Samples will not be returned.)
  2. If your product is approved, you will receive a representation contract and the co-op dollar amount that will be required to move forward. You are under no obligation of course.

Steps we then take:

  1. Promote your product through the NMOA's network of marketers and be featured in the NMOA's online product showcase
  2. Advertise your product in wholesale sourcing magazine(s).
  3. Feature your product in the New Product Edition Direct Marketing Digest. See sample: Direct Marketing Digest
  4. Personally contact buyers and introduce your product.
  5. Help you with final contracts and negotiations with catalogs and other marketers where needed.
  6. If your product lends itself to demonstration, we may also consider creating an online video for it, to help us with marketing.
  7. If you have requested and been approved for our large retail/chain store program, your product will be presented at major trade shows.

Your responsibility:
As our work generates serious interest from buyers, we will put them directly in contact with you for any final pricing negotiations, account set-up, and order placing. In some cases, buyers may have specific forms they require filled out and signed by you. You may also be asked to send samples to the buyers. Of course, you will also be required
to pay our commission on all orders after you are paid by the merchant.

If you have any questions regarding either of these two product rep services, please contact John at


Note: The NMOA does offer a program for promoting your product on your own.

The NMOA also has a Product Promotion Service to help those that want to rep themselves, or have an in-house sales department, but need some key promotional services. You can promote your product through the NMOA and have people contact you directly, thus saving you commissions. For supplemental advertising of your product to thousands of people each month, click here for our Product Promotion Package.

For a contact and mailing list of catalogs (by product category) so you can contact catalogs on a proactive basis by phone or mail, you can use the MediaFinder Catalog Database.

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