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Inside Direct Mail


How Can Inside Direct Mail Help You?

INSIDE DIRECT MAIL is the most comprehensive publication for the direct mail industry.

With Inside Direct Mail, you'll learn what’s in the mail, what’s working and what’s not—and most importantly, HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR RESPONSE. And you’ll read the latest on offers, lists, testing, copywriting, design, customer retention and more.

If you’re selling (or interested in selling) your product or service by mail, you should be reading Inside Direct Mail. Each issue provides how-to tips for generating maximum response to your direct mail efforts—to not only help you get more customers, but to keep the ones you have and boost your profit.

The articles in Inside Direct Mail cover all market sectors—from nonprofit to publishing, financial services, retail (including catalogs), telecommunications, business-to-business, insurance and travel. If you’re mailing it, we cover it.

Every month, Inside Direct Mail gives subscribers the true insider’s picture of what’s powerful and unprecedented in direct mail.

Inside Direct Mail is no longer being published. Please check out these two other publications to see if they will provide the information you are looking for.

If you need to hire strategic help to develop a direct mail program, click here: Direct Mail Expert

On-line Catalog

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