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Services for Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Expert Marketing Services for Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Get your product sold using an NMOA rep program.

National Mail Order Association

 Wholesale Product Suppliers 
  Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidators 

Limited Time Offer!
Put Your Product where 500 Merchants Come Each Day for about 10

Get your company listed in the NMOA Wholesale Product Directory for an entire year for just $36.00!!!

Don't miss your chance at being in the right place at the right time by not having your products listed in the NMOA wholesale product directory.

For just $36.00 per year you can be listed on this page, under the category of your choice, so buyers and merchandise directors can find you by the exact type of product you wholesale. Over 100 product categories makes sure your product is easy to find.

With this program you get a standard URL link, or a 3-4 word SEO phrase link. Example:
Bookwedge Inflatable Book Pillow

Thousands of merchants use the NMOA product department each week seeking new products to sell. Catalog marketers, e-commerce companies, home shopping channels and infomercial companies, kiosk vendors and other independent specialty retailers all use our site. And we continue to bring in more buyers from popular wholesale magazines like Independent Retailer and Web Wholesaler. Here's a sample of one of our full page ads. Hot Product Alert Advertisement. (PDF)

Don't miss out by not being listed here. It's impossible to spend $36.00 in a more productive way.

Plus, we list-link your product in our Wholesale Sourcing Edition of Direct Marketing Digest. (Right Click link to save DMD to your computer.)

Another great benefit of this program is powerful 'link juice' from our website to yours. If you know about search engine optimization (SEO) and getting higher organic rankings in search engines like Google, you know that links from important high ranking websites like ours helps you rank higher. It's a simple fact that you need these links for higher search engine rankings.

You can only get this double bonus for product marketing at such a low cost from the NMOA, an organization with an established 40 year history.

Does your product, or product line fall under more than one category? No problem, you can add your link listing under additional categories for just $5.00 per year, per category.

Now is the time to take us up on this offer, the price will go up. But when you sign up today, we will guarantee the $36.00 yearly rate to you for 5 years. Even if the new rate goes to over $100 in the next year, you will never pay more than the $36.00 per year for 5 years.

Each day you wait to list yourself in the NMOA wholesale directory, you miss another 500 potential dealers of your product. Don't put it off. Sign up today!

Click here to order your one year listing for just $36.00 now!

Click here to order extra product categories!

Note: Your credit card will be billed $36.00 automatically each year that you decide to stay listed in our wholesale product directory.

Important Information for Product Manufacturers and Inventors
Expand Your Marketing with the---NMOA Co-op Product Marketing Program

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