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  When you press the top of a Life Learning Device, (LLD) it verbally passes tid-bits of knowledge on anything from motivational quotes, daily devotions and foreign languages to sports trivia, golf facts or studying for SAT exams. An LLD is an innovative and easier way to receive daily inspiration or expand your wisdom about a favorite hobby or vocation.  Everyday it relays a new jolt of wisdom!

Consistently feed your brain, soul, and desires with the touch of a button.  These Life Learning Devices are an excellent way to motivate your dreams, learn a foreign language, or expand your worldly wisdom about your favorite hobby everyday at the touch of a button.

– Place an LLD on the kitchen counter and share secrets of life and words of wisdom with your children as you make breakfast.
– Sit an LLD on your desk and receive daily motivation with the press of a button.
– Locate an LLD beside the coffee pot at work and give your employees words of wisdom from some of history's greatest achievers.

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Daily Devotions, LLD

Biblical inspirations are easily relayed to you and those you love with the touch of a button. This LLD helps you live your day-to-day life in the light of the Lord with scripture and uplifting quotes from religious leaders throughout history. Everyday you are enlightened with values and beliefs that motivate your passions and inspire your soul. Use this LLD to be a positive influence in your life and in the life of others!

The Daily Devotions that will play for you at the touch of a button are uplifting, motivational and inspirational.

They call you to take action on your beliefs and give real life application of how to be a better person and live in God's light. With the press of a button you can now have everyone in your family consistently exposed to beliefs and values that guide and shape positive lives.

This Life Learning Device allows you to grow your spirituality and better yourself by consistently slipping knowledge to your brain and soul. Put it on your dresser and tap it as you get ready for work. Place it on your desk and inspire yourself as you start your day. To share positive values, morals and inspiration with your family and loved ones, locate this LLD on the kitchen table and push it as the family gathers for a meal.

Some inspirations and devotions are from of the following:
Charles L. Allen, John Knox, Thomas Kempis,  Juliana of Norwich, Cecil Frances Alexander, Oswald   Chambers, Joan of Arc,  Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Martin Luther King Jr.,  Mary Gardiner Brainard
John F. Kennedy,  Corrie Ten Boom, Henry W. Beecher,  Padre Pio


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Secrets of Life & Words of Wisdom, LLD

Great achievers and innovators have followed certain secrets that allow them to get what they want out of life. This LLD delivers these secrets along with mantras and quotes that motivate you to make your dreams a reality. Belief systems and values of people who have accomplished their dreams are shared with the touch of a button. This Life Learning Device gives you the mental keys to unlock and fuel your confidence, attitude, motivation and passion!

This compilation reveals little tricks on how to:

- turn rejection into opportunity - enjoy more friends
- get what you want out of life - be creative on demand
- eliminate stage fright - not be arrogant
- save face - adapt easily to change
- stop little problems from growing bigger - learn a foreign language
- show someone you love them - quickly alleviate despair
- keep your mind young - build wealth
- not be annoying - decrease fears
- become an expert in your field - find your passion in life
- handle criticism - be courageous
- dream big - believe attitude is everything
- master your fears - make failure your friend
- become an expert in your field - respond to adversity
....and many more!

This LLD inspires and motivates you with quotes and mantras from some of histories great thinkers, achievers and motivators such as:

Helen Keller,  Mark Twain,  Oliver Holmes, Martin Luther King,  Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Ann Frank
General Patton,  Henry Ford,  Babe Ruth, Eleanor Roosevelt,  Thomas Paine,  Benjamin Franklin,
Abraham Lincoln,  Epictetus,  Edgar Allan Poe, Conrad Hilton,  Amelia Earhart,  Napoleon Bonaparte, 
Aristotle,  Vince Lombardi,  Marcus Aurelius, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Carnegie


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Twelve Steps, LLD

Hear quotes from the Big Book everyday at the touch of a button. This LLD has quotes from the big book along with various other motivational and inspirational slogans that have helped those in recovery lead productive and fulfilled lives. Remembering who you are and what you believe in is important when following a twelve step program. The Twelve Steps, LLD is there for you everyday all year long, reminding you of the new you that you are becoming. 365 daily inspirations.

Coming Soon!
Law of Attraction, Chinese/English, Law Cases, Football Facts, Golf Trivia, Horse Whisperer, NASCAR Facts, Martial Art Quotes, SAT Exam Questions and more.

You can also custom make your own LLD with the sayings you want. Are you a writer or a speaker, or an expert of some kind and want a unique way to stay in from of key people with daily reminders or sayings. Creating your own Life Learn Device may be just the thing you're looking for.

Contact John Schulte for more details. Email: schulte@nmoa.org Please include your name and full contact details. Thank you.

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