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America's No.1 Gas Saver
Gasoline Independence Gasoline Technology System
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Are you one of the over 100,000,000 automobile owners in America that is sick and tired of the HIGH gasoline cost, such as $2-$3 per gallon in some states. The Ramjet Fuel Saver and the Stop Buying Gasoline book are the answer.

The "Ramjet" is a patented invention, proven by Government Certified Labs, with satisfaction GUARANTEED to last the lifetime of your engine. Made of stainless steel and tough, space-age Celcon, it can't rust, corrode, or wear. It's SAFE, can't burn valves, won't affect vehicle warranty and fits 98% of all popular cars. Once the Ramjet is installed on to your PCV hose—which is very easy, takes only a few minutes, and a woman can do it (meaning no disrespect)—you will experience the following benefits: (1) Gas Mileage increases DRAMATICALLY depending on car, age, condition, weather, trip length, and how it is driven, (2) pre-pollution is turned into More Clean Power, (3) Faster Acceleration, (4) more effective tune-up life, (5) Longer Engine Life potential, and (6) Ping and Knock Reduced through less carbon build-up.

Be very suspicious of any company that won't let its gas saver product be tested by a government certified lab. It probably means that it's not worth testing! Insist on reliable proof—it's not hard to get IF the product DOES what it claims. Testing has proven that my Fuel Saver device is sound theory, not a gimmick.

As for the Stop Buying Gasoline book, it is 8.5" x 11" with 84 hard-hitting pages of secrets the Oil Industry would prefer you not know. You will save a tremendous amount of gasoline by following the applications and instructions in the book or even eliminate going to the pumps altogether.

The Stop Buying Gasoline book covers subjects such as: How to Make Your Car Run on Electricity, How to Run Your Car on Water, How to Make Your Own Gasoline for $.50 a Gallon and Cheaper, How to Recycle Oil to Make New and Reuse Individually, How to Get Free New Cars...etc. ...etc. and a whole lot more! Some individuals have stated that the Stop Buying Gasoline book is just as valuable as the Fuel Saver device; in other words, they complement each other as a kit.

Looking for distributors and resellers for my Stop Buying Gasoline manual and the Fuel Saver device.

For wholesale information contact:

Alternative Energy Concepts
410 E. Main St. #27
Atlanta, Texas 75551
Tel/Fax: 903-796-4920
Cell:       903-799-8047
Email:    proliberty@sbcglobal.net

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