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National Mail Order

Mail Order Museum
Sponsorship Opportunities

Would you like to have an everlasting promotional spot on the NMOA web site? Here's how - sponsor an NMOA museum exhibit!

We can build an exhibit that displays your company banner as the sponsor and links to a nice corporate page located on our site. And we can do it to match most any budget - from $600.00 on up. The more you contribute, the bigger and more popular the exhibit. This is a great chance for long lasting PR for your company.

Contact John Schulte to discuss some ideas at 612-788-1673.

Here are suggestions for possible projects:

  • Mail Order ads from "1909" (or most any year you want between 1909-1929)
  • Mail Order ads aimed at women (or any other subject you may want)
  • Old ads that built the empires of today
  • Ads from famous ad men
  • Funny and unusual mail order ads from the past

Please address questions or comments to:

National Mail Order Association, LLC
2807 Polk St. NE Minneapolis MN 55418-2954 USA
Tel: 612-788-1673   
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Time

This page was updated January 2010

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