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20 Winning Letters

Popular Science Monthly

Yes, it's missing! No doubt about that. It just isn't there. But you and I know -- it should be there. It certainly belongs there.

Just like the EXTRA PROFIT that isn't there -- in your cash register. It should be there ...... but isn't.

The reason your EXTRA PROFIT is missing is as simple as the reason the corner of this letter is missing. It's cut off! Similarly, that's what happened to your Extra Profit! By not advertising in Popular Science Classified, you've cut off this extra source of business and the usual EXTRA PROFIT that goes with it.

Of course, you're advertising and getting business. We've seen your advertisement in another publication. And that's why we're writing to you. For what you're selling, and to whom, indicates that Popular Science Classified can produce profitable business for you too. It can bring you extra business which you have a right to get. Naturally, then, we want you to know about this effective business building magazine.

Popular Science Monthly reaches the LARGEST circulation in this field -- 724,710 average net paid monthly! Every copy is read by at least three persons. This vast market, with its multitude of interests is highly responsive to mail order classified advertising. It buys every product from A to Z, in profitable quantities -- by mail -- from Popular Science Classified Advertisers. In a nutshell, that is the reason so many advertisers never miss a single issue of Popular Science Monthly.

It's really not necessary to pass up the EXTRA PROFIT that Classified Advertising in Popular Science offers. The cost is certainly low enough -- only 35 a word. More than 110 classification headings are available. Like hundreds of other advertisers, you'll find here an unusual and low-cost means of developing BIGGER volume and EXTRA PROFIT! What's more, you don't have to wait to take advantage of this opportunity. Popular Science Classified produces EXTRA PROFIT for its advertisers every month. The next issue, for March, will be published on February 1st. Your ad can appear in this issue if it reaches us (with your remittance) before January 8th! Put your ad on the order form enclosed and mail it Today! It'll pay you to do this!

                  Sincerely yours,

                  Paul Muchnick
                  Classified Adv. Manager

P.S. This is the time to really go after mail order business. The March issue, published February 1st, goes into circulation in one of the best mail order months of the year. Remember, the closing date for this issue is January 8th!