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20 Winning Letters

Burgess-Beckwith, Inc.
Mr. Smith,

and no increase in price. You can buy any number from one to a million -- and each one will carry your sales message to some customer or prospect.

Thirty days ago that information would have been just about as interesting to you as the price of butter in Bolivia. But with today's restrictions on tire and auto sales ... well, it's a different story. Today, if you employ salesmen, you're beginning to wonder how you are going to keep them on the road. How you can maintain contact with your customers. How you can afford to cover outlying territories.

At about that point you begin to realize that the postage stamp is ... or can be ... one of the most important factors of your business. It will take over job after job  that your sales force has been handling. It will call on those lost accounts that the salesmen shy away from. It will reach your regular customers in between the salesman's calls. It will take the news of price changes, style changes and other timely information to customers and prospects. It will help you keep in touch with your market, even though you may have nothing to supply that market. It will do all of these, and a score of other jobs, so economically and effectively that you will wonder why in Heaven's name you haven't used it right along.

During the last World War MAIL SELLING grew up. It proved its ability to handle a man-sized job. The experience we gained at that time and in the years since is helping us to help our clients meet today's emergencies with little slackening of pace.

There are countless ways in which we can supplement the efforts of your salesmen -- conserve their time, their tires, their automobiles and help them to maintain their sales volume. If you will call us at ATlantic 4457, we will be glad to show you how our organization can work with yours to maintain a full selling schedule for you in the coming year.

                        Sincerely your,

Burgess-Beckwith, Inc.