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20 Winning Letters

Dear Sir:

This is a swatch of a new fabric we're featuring this fall - and we'd like to have you run your fingers over it. It's called Pan American Shetland; it comes to us from Hart Schaffner & Marx, and there is a very interesting story behind it.

The name itself almost tells you of its source for the wool in this actually came from South America. Getting woolens for suiting materials from this section of the world is rather unusual because, as you probably know, up until the last year most wools that were imported for fine clothing fabrics came from England or Australia.

And yet, as you stroke this piece of cloth, and feel its soft, luxurious texture, we are pretty certain that you'll agree with us that it is one of the finest suitings you've ever met up with.

It's a combination of two special kinds of wool --- Corriente wool from the Argentine, which is endowed with a soft, silky lustre --- and Punta wool, secured from sheep native to the southern section of Chile.  This wool has a remarkable stamina which is responsible for the exceptional wearing qualities of this shetland-type suit.

These Pan American Shetlands of ours are brand new, and we know that our selection won't last very long when the well-dressed men around town discover this unusual fabric.  If you want one of the most remarkable suits you've worn in years stop in this week, sure, and slip into one of these Pan American Shetlands tailored for us by Hart Schaffner & Marx.

                 Very truly yours,


P.S.  Pan American's price is a unusual as the fabric - $00.