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20 Winning Letters

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lett16a.jpg (18719 bytes) Dear Mr. Jones:

     This looks like a war map, but it isn't. It's a map showing the International Date Line, 'way out in the Pacific where the day begins. Interesting right at this time, isn't it?

     If you crossed this line in a plane or ship headed for the United States, you would have the unique experience of living through the same day twice.

     But here in this country we can't live a day over again, and so, when

               July 29th

comes to a close, it's gone forever, and you'll be one year older, according to all insurance rate calculations.

     You can't do anything about stemming this march of time, but you can use the present moments to purchase life insurance at a lower cost than you ever can again.

    I'll be around shortly to show you just what this saving for you will be.

                    Sincerely yours,


                    for STATE MUTUAL

State Mutual Life Assurance Company