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Borg-Warner Corporation

Talk about censorship on news from Europe -- say, you'd think it was right here the way they've clamped down on us here in Detroit at the Norge Distributors' Convention!

Of course, in a way you can't blame them -- they've got so much "stuff" in this new Norge -- so much that the housewife can see the minute she looks -- that just shouts at her and tells her that she's never seen a refrigerator like this before -- that's just going to make up her mind for her while she's looking at it -- and naturally enough, Norge doesn't want too much of the inside dope to get around before the official announcement.

However, my old friend George Whitney, Norge Advertising Manager, is the official censor and maybe he'll let a few hints get through to you.

Did you ever see a refrigerator that was usable storage space clear down to the floor?  You see it in the Norge.   That's why there's a new Norge punch-line, "From top to Floor, there's Space Galore" -- and it's true.  The food storage compartment has more usable space -- size for size -- than any other I've ever seen.  It certainly justifies the new slogan "Help yourself to an Extra Shelf" -- and say, ain't that sumpin' to sell!  Have you ever known any other refrigerator that you could say that about!  Have you ever before been able to hand out a bonus like that to your customers?

But that's only the beginning.  Right under our food compartment there's the new Norge Cellaret, certainly one of the cleverest things that any engineering department ever produced; in fact, it's just so darned clever that I suspect probably some bright housewife gave them the idea.  I know it's going to he the hit of the season with every woman who sees it and it's sure going to be copied just as soon as competition can tool up for it, by meantime, it's all gravy for the Norge dealer and when you see those big full-color Norge ads, singing "Store More Yet in the Cellaret," you know that the gravy is  going to be good and rich.

And that's only the beginning, tool.  Fact is, I can only skim over most of the stuff -- the new extra-insulating Norgite door; the new Coldpack; the new Handefroster; new double-size, double-quick ice and dessert tray; new butter dome; new shelf arrangements; new story on the famous Rollator unit -- the only unit on the market refrigerant-cooled for easy going under heavy loads ... another big exclusive for Norge dealers.

Well, this is just a glimpse at the parade as it goes past -- just enough to tip you off that you've GOT to see it for yourself when the Norge Pre-view is staged out our way.  What do you say?

                          Hastily yours,