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20 Winning Letters

Foto-Lith, Inc.
And there we were, standing with our mouths wide open.

After we had spent practically a solid hour telling this potential customer of ours that Foto-Lith would save him important money and showing him just how it would apply to his own work, he cracks back with, "Okey, it's cheaper, so what? I want quality!"

It just goes to show you salesmen learn something new every day.  Instead of emphasizing economy, we should have told him how much more attractive his advertising would be in every respect.  How inexpensive screens could be added to brighten up one-color jobs; how and why Foto-Lith gets smooth, even solids without the usual mottling; why halftones are cleaner and sharper; why Foto-Lith eliminates "work-ups," "punching through," "hard line" vignettes and other distressing features of other printing methods.  Then we would have clinched our argument by giving him actual savings on typical jobs.  But no, we start off on the wrong foot.

Well, to make a short story shorter, we sold him on Foto-Lith . . . or rather, Foto-Lith sold itself.  (We're not salesmen anyway, we count on service and quality at lower cost to do our selling for us.)

The whole point to this story is that every man interested in or connected with printing in any way should have the complete facts on Foto-Lith "New Method" lithography, in order to eliminate any question as to its quality or economy.  With this thought in mind we have prepared a series of data sheets, each on a particular subject, giving explicit information on how Foto_Lith can be adapted and used on any certain job.  We want you to have a set for your files.

Won't you read this folder and mail in the enclosed card?   You'll be money ahead if you do . . . and you'll be sorry later if you don't.

                      Yours very truly,

                      FOTO-LITH, INC.