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Choctaw Culvert & Machinery Co.
    HAVEN'T WE ALL ? . . .
At one time or another !

And frankly we are behind that familiar old ball right now.

Trying to serve Customers, like yourself, and work for Uncle Sam at the same time is keeping us constantly behind the "8 ball" here of late.

Please understand, however, we are not complaining -- it is our sincere desire to cooperate every way possible in the National Defense Program.   What we are trying to say is that Uncle Sam's priority ruling, to a large degree, prevents our obtaining equipment and material unless it is going on a defense project.

If you should happen to be one of the few to find CHOCTAW SERVICE not up to the regular standard, - naturally such an unusual situation calls for an explanation -- thus this letter to you.

We hope you will understand our problem -- and bear with us until we can "come out" from behind this pesky Choctaw Culvert & Machinery Co. 8-Ball

Choctaw Culvert & Machinery Co.