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The Brown Company
Brownville, Illinois


     If you were to send an order for some Goodall Home Insulating Hose to one of our offices it would stand an excellent chance of landing right on top of the pile ... The only trouble is, they turn the pile over when it gets to the factory ...

     Seriously though, we at Goodall are working with all our might to take care of our customers as well as our National Defense demands will permit.  But when Peace returns we realize we're going to need Economic Defense.  Old friends and customers are going to be the bulwark of that new defense against business collapse.  So you can be sure we are straining every energy to push every order along.

     Those of you who are using Goodall "Flexo" and Goodall "Newtype Cord" Home Insulating Hose are probably thanking your lucky stars you bought the best hose you could get.  With any kind of average care it will last a long time ... Even if accidentally crushed the patented structure will respond to reshaping easily and safely.

     Those of you who are wishing you had bought Goodall, will do well to get in an order against future delivery.  When the rush of housing improvement reaches full enthusiasm you may be a little better equipped than your competitors, if you are fore-armed with Goodall's exclusive, patented, Home Insulating Hose.

     We'll take your order now, but we frankly can't deliver right away ... We'd rather bring it around when you have forgotten all about it and say, "Surprise!!"

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