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. . .it would cost you $350 to send a salesman to call -- $350 plus the salesman's salary for 50 to 60 days.

And then he might not get the order!

The same call can be made BY MAIL for a nickel -- the price of a candy bar.

That's why we say "The postage stamp is the world's best salesman."  There's no danger of its dallying along the way with some chocolate colored belle, or ending up en casserole at some African smorgasbord.  Out of all the millions of people in the world, it has eyes for only one -- the person to whom you write.  It is no respector of distance or international boundaries.  It would just as soon call on a prospect in Pwete, Belgian Congo, as one in Penasse, Minnesota -- and the cost of either call is less than the tax on a package of cigarettes.

You don't have to be doing an international business, or even a national, to profit from the use of stamps.  You'll find that letters, cards, folders and other selling material are just as effective and thrifty, right here in the Twin Cities.  They'll multiply the efforts of your sales force thousand-fold, call on your prospects and customers every week, if you wish.  They'll handle with equal facility any selling job, from announcing new products to bringing back lost customers.

There are dozens of ways in which your business -- any business -- can employ that master salesman, the postage stamp, to step up sales during the months ahead.  If you would like to know how other firms are using it, and how your firm can use it this Fall to dig up extra business, just jot your name on the enclosed card and drop it in the mail.

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