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Soldiers of Industry --

Ever on the alert, in this fast-moving War Program our Engineering staff has fallen in line and developed a new SAFETY MIRROR for AIRPLANES.

We do not have any literature which we can let you have at the present time, but are attaching a blue print of the mirror and will be glad to submit a sample by separate post, if you so desire.

This mirror is really a "honey" and it might interest you to know that we have sold this very mirror to the RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. of SAN DIEGO and to the FAIRCHILD AIRCRAFT of BALTIMORE. Have you been looking around for a mirror?  We bet you have.  Then -- this is just the mirror you are looking for.

Right now, we all have a very important task ahead of us -- and most important is our ability to get effective safety equipment to you at an economical cost.

We've done the experimental work -- the item is ready and we offer it you for your consideration.

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