20 Winning Letters

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NMOA Museum Letter 3 letterhead

Mr. Squirrel is a smart little guy.

All Summer long people feed him nuts.  There are acorns galore lying on the ground.  He lives off the fat of the land.

But he's no dumbbell.  He spends the warm months hiding his food away in the earth's abundant storehouse.  He knows winter is coming.   He wants to eat in the winter, too.

Business men can learn a lesson from Mr. Squirrel.   Business is booming now.  Materials are hard to get.   But there won't always be a war.  And people forget your product when you stop telling them about it.

Advertising is your storehouse for future sales . . .

When you need them!

           Cordially yours,


           Advertising Manager

P.S.  Forms for Oct. 15th issue close Oct. 1st.


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