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To the employees of Paxton-Mitchell Company:

Some of you know that we were called upon to furnish patterns and bronze and aluminum castings, machined, for the Franklin Manufacturing Company here in Omaha, for immediate delivery. We established our production and delivery schedule accordingly. We have met this schedule.

We wish to acknowledge with sincere appreciation the contribution of the men in the pattern shop, core room, brass foundry, iron foundry (yes, some of you in the iron foundry played an important part), cleaning room, machine shop, and shipping department. It behooves me to extend to all of you thanks--thanks for doing a swell job of being a fellow-American.

In our armed forces a man is awarded recognition for outstanding valor or exceptional deeds accomplished under fire. It is my regret that I cannot offer, or. an occasion like this, something of this nature, and I doubt whether you men would accept it if it was offered; but I can say in behalf of the Company, our Country, in fact, for half of the world where free men live today, that the exceptional services such as you men have rendered are greatly appreciated.

Unquestionably, it must be gratifying to you men to know the importance of the plane and ship parts which you have produced in such a short time. We know and you know we must continue to do our best, for as "men and machines" we have a tremendous job thrust upon us and a real responsibility entrusted to us.


                                Sincerely yours,