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National Mail Order Association

 New Membership or Renewal Application Form 

This page is for use by those who prefer to pay their membership dues by postal mail. Please provide the following information by filing out or checking the boxes, print, and then submit your application by mail. Questions? Please call: 612-788-1673 or email:

  Mail.  Print the application and mail the application, with your check or credit card information, to:
Membership Department
National Mail Order Association
2807 Polk Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418-2954
Please check the appropriate box and enclose payment for the indicated amount:
  $365.00  Reseller: within U.S. OR international with no Membership Package
$400.00 Reseller: international, includes shipping of Membership Package
$365.00 Service Provider
$365.00 Product Promotion Package
$199.00 Individual and New Business Package: within U.S. OR international with no Membership Package
$234.00 Individual and New Business Package: international, includes shipping of Membership Package
$99.00 Direct Marketing Digest: 12 months
$10.00 Direct Marketing Digest: one month, auto-billing each month thereafter
Web URL:

If paying by credit card, please provide the following
information before faxing or mailing this form:

Credit card name ( VISA, Master Card, etc.) ___________________________________
Cardholder name ___________________________________
Card number ___________________________________
Expiration date ___________________________________
Security code. 3 digits on back of card.
4 digits on front of card for AMEX.
Signature (as on card) ___________________________________

Please check the items that are important to you!

01.     I need information on bringing a product to market.
02.     I need marketing statistics.
03.     I am seeking new products to sell.
04.     I want to know how to get free publicity for company, product, or my self.
05.     I want to learn about the Direct Marketing  business and the best way to start.
06.     I want to know the best method of advertising my product(s) or service.
07.     I need help in developing a marketing strategy to use in my business plan.
08.     I would like to learn more about selecting and using mailing lists.
09.     I have a service to provide and want to market it using direct mail and mail order.
10.     I have tried direct mail/mail order in the past but can't seem to make it work and I need help determining what I'm doing wrong.
11.     I need information on postal regulations concerning direct mail and mail order.
12.     I need information concerning the federal laws and regulations concerning mail order.
13.     I need help in the area of developing a catalog.
14.     I would like to get my product(s) sold in other companies' specialty catalogs, on television, or by other specialty retailers.
15.     I need information for marketing on the Internet.
16.     I need information on finding and using marketing demographics.

C o m m e n t s


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National Mail Order Association, LLC
2807 Polk St. NE Minneapolis MN 55418-2954 USA
Tel: 612-788-1673
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Time

General Information:
For specific inquiries, please see our contact page