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National Mail Order Association

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The NMOA was founded in 1972 by mail order legend Paul Muchnick in order to help small to midsize businesses and entrepreneurs involved in mail order and direct marketing. Until that time, there was no organized effort to help the proverbial "small guy."

We are an entrepreneurial type of association and network. We concentrate on bringing people together for the purposes of conducting business, creating sales, and opening up new business opportunities. We are here to help people who are in any way tied into this industry to conduct more business at less cost.

The mission of the NMOA is to provide education, information, ideas, and business connections to small and midsize direct marketers around the world. We serve as the industry "hub," where all direct marketing professionals can come to conduct business and find new business opportunities. To learn about the different types of programs the NMOA offers, and how they can help you, please use the links below.

Please determine how you fall into the NMOA network below, and click on the link for full details.
Then gather your credit card information, and click on the corresponding Order Now! button
at the bottom of the description page.

Reseller Membership
What you get with a Reseller Membership
500 Reseller memberships being sponsored at NO CHARGE by successful DM entrepreneur. Apply Today!
These are companies or individuals that sell to the end user, using a variety of direct marketing methods, for example, mail order advertising, catalogs, direct mail, website, television, and other means. Resellers come to us to find new products, industry experts, suppliers, and other direct selling opportunities…opportunities that can only be found inside the NMOA network. With this membership we list your retail web store in our shopping section.
Manufacturer Membership (Product Promotion Package)
What you get with the Product Promotion Package
These are companies or individuals who manufacture, rep, or import products and are looking for catalogs and other direct marketing people to sell them. i.e. You wholesale to resellers. This package reaches thousands of potential resellers each month. Read the full details by clicking the above link.
Entrepreneur and New Business Startup Package
What you get with the Entrepreneur and New Business Package
This business package is for the person just starting a new business, or the person that has started a business and wants to learn better marketing tactics, or the person that wants a professional introduction to direct marketing processes and how they apply to selling products and services in general. It is the best package available for those researching or starting a home or small business, or new to the direct marketing and mail order business.
This includes Internet and web based businesses.
Read the full details by clicking the above link.
FREE Network Membership for all.
If you are a direct marketer of any type, vendor, merchant, supplier, consultant, etc., you can join our basic member network at no cost here: This comes with a lot of other valuable considerations without cost. You will also be connected to industry events, new business opportunities, breaking news, and other networking opportunities in YOUR area.

You may order online now using a credit card.
Simply select the appropriate program for you from the list above and click on the associated ink. This page will tell you all about the program, and have a link for joining. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email

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